Project : Life of a dancer

Since I started my study at the Photography Academy in 2013, I have photographed some great dancers. Often in a studio setting and sometimes on stage.

Here are some of my photos :

While working with these dancers I have noticed that dancing is a lifestyle. It doesn’t just happen on stage. To me it appears that very movement a dancers makes is turned into a small dance. A dancer doesn’t just walk in the supermarket, but they kind of dance through it. Just like a dancer doesn’t just stand or sit, waiting for a bus. They stand on their toes or sit with grace gently stretching their body.

This gave me a great idea for a project I have to create during my 4th year at the Academy.

For this project I want to photograph the daily life of dancers. I am looking for those common moments everybody knows and early notices, like waiting for the laundry or bus, buying groceries, drinking coffee, enjoying the sun in the park, reading a book, and many more like these. However I want to photograph dancers doing these common things with the subtle style that only dancers have.

Because I love New York, this is where I want to start my project. From the 17th until the 27th of October (2016) I will be in New York to work on my project. If you like this idea and would like to help me on my project, feel free to contact me:

email :
whatsapp : 0031621892151
facebook : Arjan Spannenburg
instagram : TheDuPho

Underneath you can see some ideas I found on Pinterest. These photos aren’t mine and are not exactly what I want to make, but they give you a little bit an idea where I want to go.