Hire Me

I love making photos. But most of the time I love to work on ideas or projects that are my own. Sometime I join projects that match my interest or work or might help me develop in different ways.

If you have a great idea, or you just want me to photograph you, feel free to get in touch. Maybe you are just the person I was looking for! Often I have many projects lying around, waiting for the person to match it :-). If you have a great idea or concept and you are looking for a photographer, there are always many possibilities. So write me an e-mail, send me a whatsapp, type something on Facebook messenger, use instamessenger or be creative and find an other way to tell me. If I have time, I’m sure I will be happy to work with you!


Hire MeThe question always rises, and it should! I wasn’t born as a photographer. I have invested a lot of time with courses and an academic education on photography. Saving money and working hard made sure I could buy all the professional equipment I need. I have invested a lot in my photography, so I can’t always photograph for free. In the end, I will need to buy new gear and need to have dinner now and then.

But to be honest, I rarely charge money when I’m photographing you. And still you will receive the edited photos so you can use them online. To do so I will send them in a resolution of at least 1000 pixels (longest side) and 72 ppi. This is the least that you will need to use the photos in your online portfolio (website, social media, etc.).

In return for my efforts, you will sign a contract. In the contract you give me all the (portrait or other) rights to the photo. This allows me to publish the photos online, in a magazine, as an art piece or in any other way I can to generate money and have a living.

What about TFP?

TFP is a great initiative and it helps to develop creativity among many people. I do like to work with people that have a TFP mindset, they are often very creative people. In the end however, this doesn’t generate money and things tend to get complex when I want to publish or use work as part of an art piece.

Feel free to ask me for TFP-based projects and I will join in if the project is interesting for me. I will be happy to send you the digital photos so you can use them in your portfolio. But I will however request all rights to the photos in order to be able to publicity them and use them for my work.