About Me

Arjan Spannenburg - The Dutch Photographer
Arjan Spannenburg
The Dutch Photographer
I guess you want to know something about me. Why else would you have come to this page 😉

I am a very ambitious person, always looking to improve myself and things around me. I am very driven and sometimes appear very strong. But I can be slightly defensive when things become very personal. Furthermore I am a very forgiving person who likes to work with people.

Since 1998 I have been working in the Royal Dutch Army, but in 2012 I came home from a mission. The reductions in the Army started and I was about to lose my job. This was the period that I decided to choose for myself and just started doing things I liked. When I got in contact with the Photography Academy in Amsterdam I was sure what I wanted to do… Photography!

Ever since I have been discovering photography and myself. Photography gives me the freedom of creation and development that got stuck in the Army and my life. Photography gives me freedom 🙂

Together we can reach goals we could never have thought or dreamt of.